Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Post Cycling routine: Stretch, Eat & Bathe

My post cycling routine goes like this:
  • Stretch - In some of my previous posts I've shown examples of some of the post ride Yoga routines that I use. Be sure to get out of your damp cycling clothes first, if possible. The Yoga poses, for the most part, are oppositional poses meant to lengthen and strengthen muscles that get over used and/or over stretched during cycling. I also like to use the Roll Recovery (R8) on tight leg muscles, it's a great tool to use, if you don't have your own personal masseuse. 
  • Eat - After strenuous exercise you should eat a slightly higher percentage of protein in the meal. It's important to get a good meal, ideally within about 30 minutes after exerting yourself during any extended or intensive rides. This will provide the nutrition needed to start the repair and rebuilding of the muscles that were involved.
  • Bathe - Once the first two are taken care of, you can take care of the cleanup, for yourself, your cloths and your bike.